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"Cartonplast" is modern polypropylen cellular plate, with its structure similar to cardboard from corrugated cardboard. "cartonplast" is resistant to knock, expansion, crushing and despoilment inflicts. However it is light, exceptionally elastic and multiple utilization. Due to thisit works fine with the acids, principles, water solutions and inorganic salts.

There is also the possibility of washing.


Cartonplast can be used wherever standard corrugated is used, but due to its features it can be reused many times.

It can also be glued, riveted and there can be printing, screen printing as well as flexographic method.

It is widely used as "made to fit" transport boxes ( with stacking collar), home appliance business ( cooling devices, refrigerators, etc), glass industry, advertisement business ( gadgets, of packaging, production, packing material, briefcases), forestry business and others.