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Honeycomb pallets, boxy

Palettes are produced of papers and cartons and they represent an economical and ecological alternative to the single use wooden and plastic palettes.
They are fully recyclable. They minimize infection, fungi and vermin transmission risk from the transport palettes.
The palette shape and size can be suited to the shape and character of the transported product.

  • very low palette weight (palette 1200 x 800mm : from 2,5 kg)
  • very good price
  • safe and easy manipulation
  • no chips and nails
  • suitable for export in the USA, West Europe
  • standard and individual size
  • smooth corners
  • no vermin
  • load capacity to 2 tons
  • printability
  • fully recyclable
  • easy and cheap disposal
  • lower transport cost
  • possible manipulation in autom. palette machines

Box is a light transport box of the original construction on the basis of paper honeycomb and edge protection profiles.

They absorb the vibration energy and impacts during manipulation, transport, and there for a safely protect your goods during transport to your client.

The sides can be PP impregnated as the protection from climatic conditions and moisture. They are an economical substitute of cases and boxes of primary resources and difficult recyclable materials of type polystyrene, plastic etc.

  • high compression strength
  • absorbs hits
  • light, solid, tough
  • standard and individual size
  • delivery in the laid out state
  • easy assembling of the box
  • reuse
  • possibility of divided front side for easy loading
  • low priced
  • possibility of PP impregnation of the sides against moisture
  • stackability
  • lower transport costs
  • no vermin
  • easy and cheap disposal by means of standard presses
  • fully recyclable