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plastic pallets

Model 220 210 222
Propriety 3 longitudinal runners light palette light palette nidamental light palett anti- eelectrostatic
Dimensions 1200x800x150 mm 1200x800x140 mm 1200x800x150 mm
Weight 12,5 kg 9,5 kg 12,5 kg
Static load 2500 kg 1500 kg 6400 kg
Dynamic burden 900 kg 600 kg 1600 kg
Burden on shelf 450 kg   450 kg
Material HDPE (recykling) HDPE (recykling) HDPE (recykling)
Norm ISO 8611 ISO 8611 ISO 8611
Colour black black black
The range of temperatures 0 to +40°C 0 to +40°C 0 to +40°C

  • indirect contact with food
  • the export ( the plastic palette need not fulfil norms required for wooden palettes ISPM 15 required in countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Columbus, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Indias, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, the Philippines, RPA, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, USA and Turkey)
  • in areas of high clean requirements ( the HACCP)
  • in automated and lines forwarding store-houses

  • it does not it absorb moisture ? it prevents humidifying goods and formation mould
  • 100% processed, environmentally friendly
  • nidamental palette makes possible optimum their stockpiling in heap (1m = 22 palette)
  • it possesses preservative edge
  • the small weight of palette makes it possible for easy handling
  • the access distance of fork trolley from 4 sides
  • the possibility of disassembly of runners exists